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Kidney Cancer/Adrenal tumor center


Kidney Cancer/Adrenal tumor center
The highest level of kidney cancer surgery and patient care.

At Ewha Womans University Urology Institute Kidney Cancer/Adrenaltumor Center, non-ischemic partial nephrectomy has recently minimized kidney function loss, even if there are many bumps to be removed in one kidney, such as genetic diseases, only a number of tumors are safely removed by partial resection without impairing renal function.
In addition, high-level surgery such as kidney cancer with malignant tumor thrombosis in the vena cava is also safely performed.
In order to treat adrenal tumors, hormone tests and nuclear medicine tests were conducted in consultation with the endocrine medicine department, if surgery is necessary, minimally invasive surgery and robotic adrenal resection, which only resects tumors, are actively performed using robotic devices that have recently been in the spotlight.
Ewha Womans University Urology Institute's kidney cancer/adrenal tumor center promises to provide the best service through customized treatment for patients.